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We provide an exclusive platform to work on your ideas. Get to know about all the services we offer.

Electronics workspace

Services Offered

ExCentre Labs houses a well-equipped electronics laboratory where students and professionals can conduct various experiments in the field of analog and digital electronics. The lab has equipment like bench power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, soldering station and all the required tools and passive components. The lab provides the users freedom to experiment which opens the doors of endless learning opportunities.

Other than conducting already proven experiments, the students/enthusiasts can also perform design, development and test iterations of innovative projects. The lab provides variety of sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, development boards, software development kits and all the necessary tools.

It is always good to check the feasibility of an idea before taking any decisions regarding producing or marketing it. ExCentre Labs provides PoC services and also suggests changes/enhancements to the idea.

We provide prototyping services for beginners or professionals who needs a review and test the desirability of their product before going for mass production.

If you are thinking of a new product idea and need a platform for the development, ExCentre Labs is the one for you. With the laboratory and makerspace facilities we have, we support you throughout the course of development of your product and help you launch it. Other than PoC and prototyping, we also provide PCB design services which is one of the obvious needs of an electronics product.

We take up student projects and help them learn better regarding the practical aspects of a project. May it be a mini project or a major project, we guide them by conducting interactive sessions/classes and teach them the concepts behind the working of the project. The students can clarify any doubts/questions and get the related documents throughout the project development duration through Whats App groups, e-mails, calls etc.

¬†ExCentre Labs is a unique platform, a very rare of its kind. Here’s a video showcasing the facilities we started with in the year 2017. As years passed, we have definitely grown! To get a better view of the lab, please visit.

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Idea is the key

Idea & Concept

We discuss with you about your ideas. We finalise a design model after mutual agreement.


Outstanding approach

Design & Develop

We design the product in a minimalist and economic way. Develop the same with enhancements.


Feedback is crucial


We conduct recursive testing of the product after development and get a better practical understanding.


Perfection is the goal


With the feedback from the current version of the product, we redo the entire process with enhancements until the product is stabilised and ready to launch.